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The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
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Co-ops for Students

Young co‑op members going away to college or university will want to see whether there is a nearby student housing co‑op. As a special kind of co‑op, student co‑ops offer an affordable way of living and a great atmosphere for learning and meeting new people.

Many Canadian university cities benefit from the presence of at least one student co‑op:

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Student co‑op housing fund

CHF Canada has established a University Student Co‑operative Housing Fund. The fund provides loans to assist with the development of co‑op housing for university students or to assist existing student co‑ops with their housing operations. Other co‑ops may qualify for designated student units. Co‑ops must be or become CHF Canada members in order to qualify for loans or loan guarantees.

The funds came from a student housing co‑operative in British Columbia that closed in 1969. The money was held by the Co‑operative Trust Company of Canada until it was transferred to CHF Canada in 1999. For more information about the new fund, contact Karla Skoutajan at kskoutajan@chfcanada.coop.

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An organization for student co‑ops

The North American Students of co‑operation (NASCO) is an organization of student co‑ops – housing and other kinds – in Canada and the United States. NASCO’s services include a newsletter and guidance for developing student co‑operatives. Every fall, NASCO hosts a training institute where student co‑operators learn and build relationships. It also runs an internship program and makes available lists of job postings in co‑operatives to active members. For the staff of student co‑ops, NASCO offers informal professional development and a channel for sharing practical information about effective co‑op operations.

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