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Links to government

This page has links to the federal, provincial, and territorial governments’ web sites, as well as links to government housing departments and agencies, on-line co‑op acts, and other government sites of interest to housing co‑ops in Canada and their members.


Government of Canada
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Canada Cooperatives Act
Co‑operatives Secretariat
Federal electoral districts
Members of Parliament

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Government of Alberta
Alberta Community Development – Housing
Alberta co‑op legislation
Co‑operative Associations Act
Employment Standards Code
Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act
Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Municipal Government Board

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British Columbia

Government of British Columbia
BC Housing
BC Human Rights Commission
Cooperative Association Act
Cooperative Association Regulation
Employment Standards Branch (Ministry of Labour)
Legislative proceedings
Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (MLAs)
Ministry of Housing and Social Development

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Co‑op Development Services
Government of Manitoba
Manitoba Department of Family Services and Housing
The Co‑operatives Act
Employment standards
The Human Rights Commission
Legislative Assembly
Manitoba Hansard

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New Brunswick

Government of New Brunswick
Co‑operative Associations Act
Employment Standards Act
Families and Social Development
Current Legislature Session Documents
Human Rights Act
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
New Brunswick Housing

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Newfoundland and Labrador

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Co‑operatives Act
Co‑operative Society Regulations
Government Services, Consumer and Commercial Affairs
Labour Relations Agency
Members of the House of Assembly
Ministerial statements
Newfoundland and Labrador Child and Family Benefits
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation
Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Code

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Nova Scotia

Government of Nova Scotia
Co‑operative Associations Act
Cooperative Associations Regulations
Co‑operatives Branch
House of Assembly
Human Rights Commission
Labour Standards Code of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Department of Community Services
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

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Northwest Territories

Government of the Northwest Territories
Co‑operative Associations Act
Education, Culture and Employment
Municipal and Community Affairs
Equality for Men and Women in the Northwest Territories Policy
Members of the Legislative Assembly
Northwest Territories Housing Corporation

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Government of Nunavut
Members of the Legislative Assembly
Nunavut Housing Corporation

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Co‑operative Corporations Act
Government of Ontario
Assessment Review Board
Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Members of the Provincial Parliament (MPPs)
Ministry of Community and Social Services
Ministry of Labour (employment standards)
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ontario Hansard
Social Housing Reform Act, Bill 128
SHRA Regulations
Social Housing Services Corporation

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Prince Edward Island

Government of Prince Edward Island
Co‑operative Associations Act
Department of Health and Social Services
Employment Standards Act
Hansard Index
Human Rights Act (amended)
Members of the Legislative Assembly
Taxation and Property Records

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Government of Quebec
Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms
Co‑operatives Act
Labour standards
Members of the National Assembly
Société d’habitation du Québec

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Government of Saskatchewan
The New Generation Co‑operatives Act
Human Rights Code
Labour Standards
Members of the Legislature
Saskatchewan Social Services and Housing
Social Services

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Government of Yukon
Cooperative Associations Act
Employment Standards Act
Human Rights Act
Members of the Legislative Assembly