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The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
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Our Movement. Our Future. Voicing our Vision – Join the Conversation!

What do you want for the future of Canada’s co op housing movement? How can we spread the word about the co op housing option? And grow as a movement so that more Canadians than ever can live in a co op home?

  • At CHF Canada’s last annual meeting in Hamilton, co op housing federations from across Canada put forward a resolution to spark a dialogue with co op members.
  • Watch this great video inviting you learn more about how you can share and star your ideas.

The STAR stage is open from November 18 to December 4!

We gathered lots of ideas in the SHARE stage – over 1000 of them! Thank you to everyone who took part. Your ideas are helping to shape the future of our co‑op housing movement!

If you have signed-up, you’ll automatically get an email inviting you to take part in starring the ideas you liked best. It’ll take only 5-10 minutes to complete, and is a great way to see what ideas have been shared and to give your input on what is important to you.

Do you know members who would like to take part?

  • Did you or someone you know, miss their chance to SHARE ideas? It’s not too late to get involved, you can join in at any time! Sign up here to take part in the STAR stage.
  • Do you know a co‑op member that wants to join but doesn’t use email? Here’s how you can help them be involved. They can join in English or French through these links.
  • Download this STAR poster and share it with your co op, post it on your bulletin boards or social media.